Prime MSO has been growing at a very fast pace.  Today, we have multiple surgical facilities, more than 500 teammates, and growing number of physicians who perform thousands of procedures in our facilities each year. With the very recent relocation to our new office, we found this to be the perfect opportunity to establish ourselves as a brand. Until now, we focused less on brand building and more on managing our surgery centers and clinics. Building a brand is more than just creating a new logo. It is about improving the overall experience of our patients and becoming a reliable and independent operators of outpatient surgery centers.

In the words of our brand manager Arty:

The aspirations that drive Prime MSO have inspired me since my very first day at the company. Creating a visual style that truly reflects who we are has been my goal since my first day at Prime MSO. Now, as we relocated to a new office, it is an important milestone and it is the right time to shift our brand identity and logo as well.We chose to take this step towards our future and define our brand so that every email, icon, brochure, and website reflects who we are.To carve this new identity, I turned to our roots for inspiration.​It is part of our mission to demonstrate social awareness and commitment to the communities that we serve. I experimented with the idea of using a ribbon which are used globally as a way to make a statement of support for a particular cause or issue. When I placed a ribbon next to the letter “P”, it followed a similar form. I took the next step into sketching ribbons that are folded in a shape of a letter “P”. After multiple sketches and refinements, it was time to construct this ribbon digitally. I used the golden ratio as a reference to create the circles that make up the shape. The golden ratio describes the perfectly symmetrical relationship between two proportions. By combining a ribbon to the letter P, I found a beautiful new shape that pays homage to both our work and our heritage.​Rebranding a company is not easy. It takes time and effort to implement the new identity. Though the logo is being rolled out, we are still in transition and our business partners may still see our legacy logo over the coming months. A smooth transition will take the time and effort of our entire company. All of us here at Prime MSO will take part in the process.After all of the work and transitions are complete, though, we understand that our brand is not a symbol or a name. Our brand is defined by our commitment to excellence in everything we do. It is how we interact with our colleagues, our partners, and most importantly, our patients. We are our brand.

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